Revelation of The Universal Gate - Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Revelation of The Universal Gate

12 October 2019

Presented by Centre for Interfaith Understanding

12 October 2019 (Saturday)
2pm – 5pm
SCCC Zhong Sheng Jian Recital Studio, Level 6

Free admission
Conducted in English

The theme of the public lecture “revelation of the Universal Gate” is set based on two inter-related aspects, the appreciation of the various forms and contexts of inter-religious Guanyin worship, and the analysis of the socio-religious dimension of Guanyin worship in Singapore. Besides advancing the research on Guanyin, this public lecture also aims to promote the spirit of great compassion and mercy, thereby strengthening the foundation of a harmonious society.

1. The Worship of Guanyin and its Socio-religious Significance in Singapore by Professor Kenneth Dean (Head, Department of Chinese Studies, NUS)
2. Communicating with Guanyin: Translation and Religiosity in Singapore by Ms. Hing Jia Wen (PhD Candidate, Department of English Language and Literature, NUS)
3. How to Be a Good Person? Lessons from Guanyin by Dr. Teoh Eng Soon (Gynecologist and Independent Researcher)
4. Guanyin Vegetarian Halls and the Life of Vegetarian Nuns by Dr. Show Ying Ruo (Postdoctoral Fellow, Asia Research Institute)


Parking is available at the SCCC. Parking fee: $3.50 per entry (Mon – Fri after 5pm , Sat & Sun whole day)


A SCCC Venue Partnership Event

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